Subglottic Drainage is an infection prevention ICU strategy that has been shown to reduce time on mechanical ventilation, the risk of pneumonia, antibiotic use, and mortality.

NEVAP Aspire Subglottic Suction Endotracheal Tube (ASSET) was created by clinicians to improve this strategy and bring these clinical benefits to patients in all clinical settings.

Single Subglottic ports often become blocked by airway tissue

exhibit b

The NEVAP ASSET is designed with a tissue spacer with 24 suction fenestrations to allow for effective subglottic drainage in all clinical settings nevap balloon

  • Compliant with existing VAP prevention protocols
  • Can be used with various stylets and bougies for efficient intubation
  • Vacuum pressures of >100mm Hg can be applied continuously
  • Suctions secretions right above the cuff to reduce aspiration
  • Removes viscous fluids and reduces secretion pooling
  • Superior Radiopaque confirmation of position and quieter operation
  • No new clinician training.
  • No new capital equipment.

Fluid Recovery Comparison to current Single Port Subglottic devices in an ex-vivo trachea model over 48 hrs:

Aspire Performance (blue)

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