The Facts

Secretions from the oropharynx or stomach of mechanically ventilated patients pool in the subglottic space above the cuff of the endotracheal tube. Evacuation of the accumulated fluid is proven strategy to reduce the risk of post-operative and ventilator associated complications.

Limitations of current devices.

The effectiveness of current subglottic suction endotracheal tubes is impacted by:

  • Blockage due to airway tissue occlusion
  • Low vacuum pressure
  • Intermittent settings
  • Changes in patient positioning


Introducing a new approach to subglottic suctioning

NeVap Aspire Subglottic Suction Endotracheal Tube (ASSET), designed by physicians for physicians, revolutionizes subglottic suctioning: a novel Radial Multiport Suction-T.

  • Soft, conformable material with 24 fenestrations
  • Vacuum parallel and away from the airway to reduce tissue occlusion
  • Vacuum > 100mm. Hg. can be applied continuously
  • 135-degree vacuum distribution to accommodate changes in patient’s head position
  • Radial Multiport Suction-T tested to 400% of the maximum force applied during intubation and extubation.
  • Radiopaque additive for superior confirmation of positioning

Take a look at the ASSET below:

nevap balloon.png

Features of NeVap ASSET

  1. Improved fluid recovery rates (Suction-T enables continuous high vacuum operation)
  2. Designed to reduce respiratory care needs (Less blockage due to airway tissue occlusion, from viscous fluids due to low, intermittent vacuum and less patient trauma due to airway tissue herniation)
  3. Compliant with current VAP prevention protocols
  4. No additional user training
  5. Compatible with current equipment and protocols
  6. Thermoplastic material construction allows for airway conformity at body temperature.
NeVap ASSET Product Description (Provided sterile with a pre-loaded Stylet.)
Endotracheal Tube with Magill Curve, Murphy Eye and radiopaque markings PVC with radiopaque additive
Pilot Balloon PVC
Inflation tube PVC
Cuff Balloon PVC
Radial Multiport Suction-T PVC with radiopaque additive
Male Suction Lumen Connector PVC
15mm Connector PVC
Preloaded Stylet (Included) PVC coated aluminum rod

Product Information

product info

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