Our Advisory Board guides the NeVap Management Team through every success and challenge. With skillsets and experience in both breadth and depth, the Advisory Board provides valuable advice in all matters surrounding our product’s development, market, production, and more.


Lorin Johnson, Ph.D. is the Founder and Chief Scientist of Glycyx Pharma Ventures, a Life Science focused investment and consultancy company. He is also a founder of Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the global leader in the in-licensing, development and commercialization of treatments for Gastroenterology disorders. Prior to founding Salix, Dr. Johnson served as Director of Scientific Operations and Chief Scientist at California Biotechnology Inc, (Scios, Inc). He has served as a board member and scientific advisors for both private and public Life Science companies. In academia, Dr. Johnson has held academic positions at Stanford and UCSF, where he co-authored over 75 journal articles and book chapters. Dr. Johnson holds PhD from University of Southern California and a Postdoctoral Fellow from University of California.


Dr. Nicole Hlava, MD is an Anesthesiologist and Critical Care Specialist. Dr. Hlava has extensive experience with airway devices and the business of healthcare. Her career in academic and private practice gives her unique insight into physician motivation for adopting new technologies and devices. Dr. Hlava is interested in positively impacting the lives of patients through innovation.


Chuck Sted, MBA is an experienced healthcare executive. Previously Mr. Sted served as President and CEO of Hawai‘i Pacific Health an integrated healthcare system of four hospitals, 49 clinics, 350 employed and 700 active independent medical staff. Mr. Sted is passionate about improving healthcare and innovative solutions to healthcare problems.


Prof. Brian Daniel RCP, RRT is a professor of respiratory science. Professor Daniel’s focus is primarily in the care of adult critically ill patients. As a clinical scientist at UCSF’s Department of Anesthesiology and Cardiovascular Institute, Professor Daniel is an expert on the mechanisms and management of acute lung injury/ARDS. He is also a professor in allied health where he teaches respiratory care practitioner students, nurses, pharmacists, and resident physicians at UCSF and Skyline College.


Ira Weintraub, Esq. is in house counsel for NeVap Inc.

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