Lower critical care costs. Save precious lives.


The NeVap Mission

NeVap, Inc. addresses critical unmet clinical needs with innovative medical devices, dedicated to lowering critical care costs and saving precious lives.


The NeVap Aspire Subglottic Suction Endotracheal Tube (ASSET) evacuates secretions through a patented, multiport vacuum appendage. This appendage provides unobstructed suctioning away from the trachea wall to accommodate a wide range of patient positioning. In addition, the appendage is radiopacity enables fluoroscopic visualization to facilitate proper user placement.

Please take a look at the endotracheal tube comparison below. The team added 10ml of thick fluids to mimic secretions seen in the trachea, then compared the rate of recovery for the NeVap ASSET (Right) and the industry standard single port Subglottic Suction Endotracheal tube. Both devices were set to 100mm hg suctioning and cuff inflation was continuously monitored and held at 25mm H2O.


The Competing ET Tube                                       The NeVap ASSET