Innovations in Airway Management


The NEVAP Mission

NEVAP, Inc. creates airway management devices that improve outcomes and lower the cost of mechanical ventilation. 

The Story behind our breathing tubes

As clinicians, the idea behind subglottic drainage was sound and the research was supportive, but the performance of current single-port devices was always dismal and limited to the ICU. So, we looked at how  OG tubes and Yankaurs started out as single port devices and were later redesigned as multiport devices. 

Today, the NEVAP Aspire Subglottic Suction Endotracheal Tube (ASSET) is the only subglottic breathing tube designed with a tissue spacer and multiple ports to prevent tissue blockage. This design results in significantly better removal of pathogenic material from the airway and the ability to apply this infection prevention strategy in the ICU, OR, and ED. 


Here is a simply visual demonstration. 10ml of thick fluid, mimicking tracheal secretions was added into an acrylic tube and 100mm Hg suctioning was applied.  The NEVAP ASSET (Right) and a single port subglottic breathing tube were compared. Cuff pressure was continuously monitored and maintained at 25mm H2O.

The Other Suction Tubes                                       The NEVAP ASSET