Behind every success story is a strong team. The NeVap Management Team covers all bases when it comes to medical devices. From a medical device executive to a FDA compliance expert, the team works to ensure that the NeVap product is successfully launched in hospitals around the Bay Area.

Brenton Hanlon is Chair and CEO of NeVap, Inc. He is an experienced C-level executive with over 30 years of experience running medical device companies. He has held positions at Abaxis, Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics, and TriContinent Scientific. He has successfully launched and commercialized countless complex medical devices in the US and internationally.

Dr. Benjamin Wang, MD is Founder and Chief Medical Officer of NeVap, Inc. He is directly involved with designing and coordinating NeVap’s safety and efficacy testing. He is an American trained physician, experienced in developing medical devices. Dr. Wang obtained his Medical Doctorate from the University of Miami and Biochemistry degree from UC Davis.

nevap 3Sandra Forrer is Founder and Vice President of Product Assurance and Regulatory Compliance (FDA and CE Mark) of NeVap, Inc. She has extensive experience in Life Science R&D, medical device manufacturing, and quality assurance. She has developed the Quality Systems for multiple medical device start-ups. She is UC Santa Cruz certified as a Quality Assurance professional.

imageedit_3_3872948337 copySydney Wuu is the Chief Marketing Officer of NeVap, Inc. She specializes in marketing and product management for medical device companies and tech startups in the Bay Area. She holds a BA in Social Sciences from The University of California, Irvine.

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